Technical characteristics

Temperature range of-50 ° C to + 70 ° C
with battery available
LCD screen available
with immersion probe available
special immerse the probe in the Aquarium / terrarium / vivarium, note, not the thermometer in the water to immerse, submerge only the probe in water.


  • very low-cost
  • ease of use
  • robust and resistant
  • quickly on and off
  • long battery life (by switching off can be extended)


  • battery compartment opens heavy
second budget is nowadays a pet shelter. It does not matter whether it is a dog, a hamster or a fish. One all animals would be provided optimally. Therefore, it is important that there is always a constant temperature in an aquarium. A thermometer is required to measure them optimally. Precisely for this reason, the Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium thermometer was developed. This thermometer is so unique because it consists only of quality materials. Also took care that all details are excellent in line. With this Aquarium thermometer no more fish must freeze.

Place to store - quickly found

that beauty of the Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium thermometer is that it measures the temperature and then only once no longer needed. So that the thermometer is then constantly at hand, an optimal storage space is needed. However, the thermometer directly in the Aquarium can be fastened. In any case, a space is needed, which must have at least the mass of 13.1 x 9 x 2 cm. Also, the place can withstand a weight of 36 grams in the long term. The neutral black color and timeless design are no obstacle when selecting the location also. All consumers

included - optimally put together

the Zacro LCD thermometers have opted for aquarium, count the seconds until the package arrives. This is because the thermometer is express in the package not only. The consumer also gets a LR44 button cell. There is also a small manual in the package. This can be started immediately after unpacking, to measure the temperature of the water.

Handling - completely straightforward

to read the perfect water temperature must meet the consumer no great precautions. That is, consumers put the battery in the compartment provided for this purpose and closes this. Then he starts the thermometer. He does this by pressing the PWR button. The probe must be set now to learn the water temperature, the thermometer inside the Aquarium. Was determined the temperature, the thermometer can be switched off again. That happens, pressing the PWR button for three seconds. By turning off, the battery lasts even longer.

Facilities - unique

the equipment of the digital Zacro LCD Aquarium thermometer couldn't be better. This is because the thermometer with a large LCD display is provided. As a result, the consumer can clearly see the temperature. By the fact that the connection cable between the sensor and the screen is 98 cm, sufficient distance remains. Thus, the consumer must have don't worry that the display comes into contact with water. Using the thermometer, a water temperature can be opened up from minus 50 to plus 70 degrees Celsius. The air temperature minus 10 to plus 50 degrees can amount to give perfect working conditions the thermometer. Thus at the thermometer do not measure the temperature and forth varies, it can perfectly be attached by suction cups. It is important to always make sure that the probe is also perfectly submerged in the water. Only a few seconds pass between the immersion of the probe and the temperature display. Thus can quickly be traded if the thermometer indicates the desired value. The PWR button is very easy to reach. Furthermore, the consumer determines whether to read the temperature in degrees Celsius or Fahrenheit. Possible variations are optimally displayed within seconds.


The conclusion to the Zacro LCD Digital Aquarium ther thermometer is unique. That's can be used daily if necessary, a buy recommendation is more than given. In addition, it can measure the temperature over the years without any visible signs of wear. Thus the digital Zacro LDC has an excellent price-performance ratio Aquarium thermometer. So far, consumers with the measurement of the temperatures are very satisfied. Also, the thermometer is accurate as a conventional.

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