Technical characteristics

Magnification 5 x
weight 621 g
number of mirrors 2
diameter 12 cm
LED lamp available
rotating mirror available
Non-slip mats available
feature double-sided Lighted makeup mirror


  • very simple design

simple table vanity mirror with lighting

to most of the time and the best slot before the bathroom mirror the morning fight benefits
  • very stable stand for
  • very cheap
  • Light and cold light
  • sufficient magnification
  • 360-degree rotation possible


do really know all of us who live not alone. Eyebrow plucking, eliminate blemishes or it is easy to make-up - nice one is independent from the bathroom and on the other hand has an independent light source for its standing mirror. I tried the mirror with your own lighting and two pages of Kealive for you. In the following review, see the advantages and disadvantages of the small cosmetic mirror.

Packaging and delivery

within delivery arrived the standing mirror in neutral box of two working days. The product carton contained the massive 21.5 x 18.4 x 11.5 cm and is decorated in white/red. He shows pictures of the mirror, which reflects a made-up woman with a foliage hat on front and back. On the left side the mirror is neutral with a listing of the contents of carton again. On the right side you can see the special features of the Schminkspiegels in English. There is a white make-up stand mirror protected in foil that is plugged into two cardboard holders in the Interior of the product carton. A softer protection of the surface of the mirror would have been beneficial.

Except the loading M1 mirror are in the package:

  • A set with three 1.5-volt AAA disposable batteries
  • a service card in English
  • instructions for use in German (very enjoyable), English, French, Spanish and Italian. The manual is a QR code to Aukey, which is the parent brand of Kealive.


the manufacturer Kealive grants a warranty of 24 months from date of purchase.

the price

20 euros (stand December 2016) is one of the best illuminated table mirrors the Kealive mirror.

Facilities of the Schminkspiegels

  • of the Cheval mirror weighs 621 g with packaging and is 18 cm high and 16 cm wide. The mirror surface has a diameter of 11 cm plus a 1 cm wider LED edge on both sides
  • the bracket allows to modify the angle of the mirror
  • he has on one side an on / off switch for the illumination
  • a mirror page shows the normal levels and on the other hand, you have a 5 x magnification
  • located underneath the stand the battery compartmentinclude the three AAA batteries or rechargeable batteries. These were included in the delivery

appearance and processing

base, sits, is the light switch on the made of white plastic. The mirror is decorated in silver metal look, on the side with two screws secured and removed with a spacing in the width of a fingernail from the mirror. The LED ring is pale white and cold white and beautiful bright is the light color of the LEDs. The mirror page without magnification is below accompanied by a small manufacturer's logo in the District of LED that disturbs not. The magnifying side with a 5 x magnifying glass distortion only at further distance. From about 10 cm distance you can see everything normal - only just bigger. The stand is equipped with four oblong stand Bobbles wide and gives a very firm stance the mirror.


the vanity mirror is of course first and foremost for the make-up, but also to shave, facial and eyebrow tweezing is ideal. The independence of light source and place he can be everywhere in the House. For carrying in the bag he is far too big and bulky and would probably just break. Therefore, it is suitable only for home use.

Cleaning of the mirror

the manufacturer recommends first of all turn off the mirror, and then with a damp, soft, lint-free cloth to wipe. Then to the mirror surface with a similar dry cloth to be worn. The use of chemicals should be avoided. I strongly recommend stubborn dirt, easy to saturate the cloth with soapy water as makeup mess and then as far as squeezing it, it is only damp only and then with clean water on a cloth to clean it and then to dry.

Practice test


on the table, there was no problem. Also on the lap, the use was very easy to do. The mirror by the rubberized, elongated bubble of the stand itself on the 5 cm-wide Chair stood under the foot, sure.

The technology:

The light on - / off switch is easy to use and robust impression. The rack version allows a 360-degree rotation of the mirror surfaces for front or rear. With the three AAA batteries, which were included, you will probably a long time. During the test, I could not test the boundaries and find the technical data of energy anywhere. However, I recommend to get the love of the environment then on rechargeable batteries.

The light:

The light from the LEDs is not light-fast day, but it is harder just pure white and cool, so that the colors that I used in make-up like that looked like in natural light. Therefore, there is a not risk to mix false shades in make-up. The light is bright, but not so much that it would collapse. In a lit room as an additional light source, you have the optimal lighting. In a pitch black room lighting for subtleties of is not sufficient, but, to put the lipstick or the pencil.


To describe the normal mirror page is unnecessary, so I think, because it's a very ordinary mirror. The page magnification function is interesting. The further away you are, the more you see your pores. At a distance of about 30 cm, I will however distorted to the Cyclops. If I'm too close to the mirror, the increase is only minimal. My ideal distance to the eyebrow plucking is located at 15 cm.


By the way, prima to insert a small picture - in my case the eyebrow shape, which I had seen in a magazine, is the small gap between bracket and mirror. On the silver frame, seen by the way every fat finger print, which was easily removed with a dry cloth. What struck me still very positive is the 360-degree rotation way, allowing also small side table as a stand base will work perfectly.


The mirror of Kealive is a simple, simple helper during the battle for the square in front of the mirror, or if you'd rather shave while sitting, or make-up. Due to the additional not colour coloured lighting is obtained as nearly as good results, such as in the daylight. The magnification is sufficient to be able to see every pore and every hair. Any standing position of the mirror is possible due to the possibility to rotate the mirror backwards and forwards. Who looking for a lit Schminkspi Fluke no frills for the coffee table, can confidently access to the cheap makeup mirror by Kealive.

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