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Test report: Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike

In order to recover from everyday stress, many different activities are available. There are sports, some read a book, and others like cycling or mountain biking. All activities have something in common. That is, in order to be able to perform any activity optimally, a reasonable equipment is required. For the mountain bikes it is the Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike. This is because the mountain bike is made of very high-quality material, which is aluminum. In addition, all components were tuned very precisely.  

Light and sporty at the same time

In order to move the Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountain Bike, the athlete has to be a bodybuilder. With a weight of 13 kilograms, it is relatively light. This ensures that the sportsman can also take the mountain bike up a flight of stairs if necessary. Due to the matte black, white, gray color, the mountain bike is still fashionable in many years. The matte surface also ensures the easy cleaning of mountain bikes. Just spray with a hose, dry wipe and finished. This way, the consumer can be sure that the mountain bike will still do its job in 10 years.  

A perfect equipment guaranteed

The Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike has a equipment that the consumer does not get so fast. This starts with the handlebars and ends with the pedal. The handlebar of the mountain bike is an XLC Lowriser aluminum handlebar. The handles are specially designed for a Mountainbike XLC sport handles, In addition, the bike was equipped with a Haibike MTB saddle. The seatpost is made of high-quality XLC aluminum and only 31.6 mm thick. Because a mountain bike is a bike that can be very heavily loaded. Therefore, the frame is an aluminum 6061 PG frame. This is very sturdy and overcomes very bumpy climbing trails. In addition, the mountain bike is particularly well sprung. The integrated air suspension is responsible for this. The spring travel is only 100mm. Thanks to the 30 gear shift, the Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike can also be used to conquer very steep mountains. The derailleur is a Shimano Deore XT M 781. The Shimanogang derailleur has shimanometers of FD-M 610-6, 66-69, and 34.9mm. The shifter is typical Shimano SL-M610 lever. With this lever, the athlete can quickly and purposefully insert the gears. The best thing about the mountain bike is the rims. These are aluminum hollow chamber rims, thus very light and mobile.  

Pure refinement

The front hub is an XLC aluminum disc hub with quick release. The rear hub is also an XLC aluminum hub, but a cassette hub. This also has a quick-clamping system. The spokes of the wheels are 2.0mm. The tire is equipped with an SV-Ventinl and is an Impac Ridgepac 29x2,1. The highlight is the brake lever on the Haibike Hai Attack RX mountain bike. This is a Tektro HDC300. The brakes are hydraulic disc brake and have 180 to 160 mm. This allows the sportsman to stop the bike very quickly. The inner bearing of the mountain bike is a Shimano ES 25 Octalink BSA compact inner bearing. The chain wheel set, which is a KMC X10-93. The toothed wheel of the mountain bike is a Sram PG 1030 with 11-36 teeth and 10-fold. Finally, the bike has a VP A42E + MD-1D, A-Head, semi-integrated control set. The pedals are an MTB pedals VP 992A. All these components are very detailed in the Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike. Thus the mountain bike is not only a bike for driving, but a sports equipment, which is technically not to be surpassed. In addition, all XLC parts of this bike have to be subjected to a strong load test even before assembly. This ensures that the mountain bike has withstood all TÜV and safety issues. So the sportsman can be on the road without any reservations with the mountain bike.  

Flexibility - no problem

The Haibike Hai Attack RX mountain bike adapts to the needs of the athlete. This means that the bike is available in different sizes. Thus a large and strong athlete does not have to deal with a small frame size. In the case of a defect, the damage can be repaired quickly. Spare parts are always accessible and a repair is done in hand turn around. The fork of the Haibike Hai Attack RX Mountainbike is a Rock Shox 30 gold fork. A better one is not available.


Conclusion guyThe conclusion with this mountain bike is, all athletes, who like mountain biking, must have the Haibike Hai Attack RX mountain bike. Even if the purchase price is very high, the investment is a very good one. With this mountain bike, the sportsman is on the road for many years. Such a price-performance ratio is not a second time on the market. All the time good ride with the Haibike Hai Attack RX mountain bike.

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