Angelberger Smoke House

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Review: Angel Berger Smoke House

At the present time we have no delicacies, including freshly smoked fish, dispense. Everything is on the market numerousavailable. The only thing that can be a hindrance is that the delicacy is priceless. But not anymore. Thanksto Angel Berger Smoke House every consumer can create their own specialties. The Smoke House Angel Berger is so awesome because for manufacturing only high quality materials are used. In addition, all components are very precisely matched to each other. 

Easy to use - ensured

Inorder from the Angel Berger Smoke House zukönnen remove delicacies, it's not exactly difficult. This is because every consumer, whether professional or beginner, the Smoke House can easily build. This means the consumer pulls the smokehouse just apart as a telescopic tube. Then make it easy with theaccessories the smokehouse completely and go go. Because the smoker is so simple, it is the ideal travel companion. That is, the consumer is fishing at 6am the fish and at 8 pm there is dinner, right on the lake or camping. Simple and above all faster consumers can not get to smoked fish. Also the many assembly and disassembly does not leave any traces.The galvanized steel sheetspecially selected way. The safe stand on a solid ground is ensured by the smooth lower surface from the Smoke House.  

Place - what is it?

The Angel Berger Smoke House finds a place anywhere. The culprit is the inner diameter, this is only 31.5 centimeters. Nevertheless, enough for a full meal. When the Smoke House Angel Berger is completely constructed, a maximum height of 90 centimeters is achieved. Thus, even the smallest corner in the garden is enough to take the Smoke House in operation. The weight, which does not exceed 5.7 kg, it makes the consumer easily to bear the Smoke House from A to B. The handle of this operation is further simplified.  

Adaptability - no problem

To process the ingredients into delicacies Smoke House can be operated with Räucherspäne, charcoal or wood flour. Whichever embers, the consumer decides all fulfill equally well the requirements. In addition, the Smoke House was provided with a very stable base. In addition, a drip was integrated. This ensures that no contamination at the scene remain. To minimize burns, the fire box was provided with a handle. Thus, the box, which is also very massive, are well moved. On the grate even heavy fish or meat pieces can be attached. The culprit is the stability of the struts. The consumer must have no concern that the fish falling into the fire.  

Delivery - perfect

The particular beauty of the Angel Berger Smoke House is that all accessories included with the initialpurchasewith. You mean the consumer can immediately start smoking when the goods are delivered. It does not even have an extra Räucherlauge be prepared, because in thespecial Räucherlauge Angel Berger, all ingredients are contained, these include the perfect smoky flavor. Add to that the 600 gram pack lasts a long time. Even the smoking meal, which is 500 grams, enough for more than one charge.


conclusion guy The Angel Berger Smoke House, is a Smoke House, which is perfect for the garden, balcony or camping. Daily smoking is no problem. The Smoke House delivers excellent Räucherergebnisse, every palate is satisfied. The price-performance ratio is hard to beat. This Smoke House is ideal for a small budget. Furthermore, the Smoke House Angel Berger may also ideally be used as agift. Even a Räucheranleitung is to set when the Angel Berger Smoke House. After this beginners can also conjure up the perfect smoked fish to light. Start enjoying the Angelberger Smoke House.

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