Uniroyal RainSport 3 205 55 R16 91V Summer tire

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Test report: Uniroyal RainSport 3 205 55 R16 91V Summer tire

The UNIROYAL - RainSport 3 - 205/55 R16 91V offers a great quality and a high degree of safety. For more than 45 years, the manufacturer has been producing tires that show their advantages especially in wet conditions. The tires ensure an increased safety in aquaplaning and can be easily reinserted. They are an ideal companion for long trips on the motorway and on long-distance routes. A sudden rainstorm does not bother him.  

Aquaplaning has no chance

The high-quality tires allow safe driving in bad weather and rainy road conditions. The new technology Shark Skin minimizes the swirling of the water. The streamlined lines simultaneously support the too rapid displacement of the water on the road. This ensures a secure hold and minimizes the risk of aquaplaning. Especially in the summer and autumn months these tires are perfect. Whenever the weather spontaneously changes from heat to rain, the tires can play their full benefits.  

The Uniroyal tires are ideal for wind and weather conditions

The tires have a high adhesion during a winding ride. by the flexibility of the tread blocks and a special tread block connection. This guarantees an optimal curve adhesion on dry and wet roads. Anyone who often drives country roads, should opt for such a model. The rear of the vehicle remains quiet on wet roads and does not seem restless. This makes for more driving comfort and conveys a high degree of safety. There is hardly a safe tire.Nevertheless, of course, the driving style should be adapted accordingly.  

All round safety is ensured

In addition to aquaplaning, a long braking distance is a frequent accident risk. The Uniroyal RainSport 3 offers short braking distances. The tire finds a good grip on the asphalt, so that the wheels remain in the track even with a strong braking maneuver. The tires do not make a strong impression during the braking maneuver. They are very durable and therefore a good investment. The inner noise of the tire is very quiet. This also ensures a pleasant and quiet driving feeling.  

One of the most popular tires

The manufacturer describes his summer tires like a black shark. The tire Rainsport 3 by Uniroyal is a sporty and windy tire. You can see an aerodynamic design. Like a shark, he shoots across the streets. Lightning fast and always under control. This is the main reason for many riders to opt for this tire. The tire is particularly suitable for drivers who love a sporty driving style, rain and heat. Different tire treads are no problem with this tire model. It is one of the best tires on the market with its short braking distance and the perfect ground grip.  

On dry surfaces the Rainsport 3 is a perfect tire

Of course the tire is not only ideal for rain. Even on a dry road, he remains well on track. Its excellent adhesion makes it a special guarantee. It is absolutely reliable. On dry roads the braking effect is not quite as good, but it is also very recommendable in this area. In the winter you set yourself on a smooth road surface. But if a sudden thunderstorm occurs in the summer, many drivers are overwhelmed. Due to the optimum tire no driver has to worry about it. It was cataloged in the wet grip class A, which also meets this tire.


Conclusion guy The summer tires Rainsport 3 from Uniroyal are highly recommended.The manufacturer has set itself the task of creating a tire that meets all the requirements of a summer. Dry floor coverings or sudden rain do not affect the tire. He remains beautiful on the trail. In the case of a strong braking maneuver, the driver can rely on the good quality of his tires. The profile is asymmetrical and does not allow the rain to slide between flooring and tires. Thus, aquaplaning is excluded. The tires can also easily be drawn by laymen. They are very handy and should also be stored as reserve tires. The dimensions of the Uniroyal tire are 60 x 60 x 21 cm.In addition to a good grip, the tires remain perfectly flat on the ground.The car does not slip away, but remains secure in its wake. This is an ideal shopping criterion, particularly for country roads. Wet leaves, small puddles and many curves usually line the way. With these tires, the driver can not let the car suddenly slip away. It runs very evenly and relatively quietly. The rolling noise can hardly be heard on straight and flat surfaces. Only on dry lanes is this point partly criticized by users. Otherwise you can not go wrong with the investment of these tires. They are very sturdy, resistant and even very durable when used properly. The tire provides a reading of the external rolling noise of 71 db. It is ideal for vehicles with fuel efficiency class C. Here he can play out his privileges correctly.

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