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Test report: Olympus TG-3 underwater camera

The Olympus TG-3 underwater camera has been subjected to a thorough test. It was about the quality of the pictures and above all the performance of the case. The test referred to the announcements of the manufacturer Olympus, which is known for its innovative products. The Olympus TG-3 underwater camera has shown that the details have come true and the camera is capable of delivering the best performance. Regardless of whether it is about temperatures or high pressures, this case really holds a lot of things out and that with a camera, which also convinces with the price.

Fun in winter as in summer

The Olympus TG-3 underwater camera showed its strengths in a test that was based on real practice and real use, not just under water. This specially sealed small camera shows convincing performance even in extreme weather conditions. Especially in winter at very low temperatures and in contrast to the summer with its high temperatures, the housing provides the necessary security to shield the technical interior life so well. This seal is really watertight and the test showed it under these conditions. The camera reached a depth of 15 meters. Like it was under cold temperatures to minus 10 degrees Celsius, also here the camera still surely their good pictures. Even in summer heat, in the test at 30 degrees + in the shade, this camera can also meet its technical goal and record in HD resolution, as pictures or video record.  

A camera for action and outdoor the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera

This camera will never disappoint you as an enthusiast of the outdoor recreational pleasure, because the test showed and conditions like a mountain tour that can bring little dust, cold, dryness and heat. The Olympus TG-3 underwater camera is a system camera which is not only housed in a waterproof housing, but is also protected against impacts and hard shocks. In a drop test, a fall height of 210 cm was simulated and no visible and technical disturbances could be detected. Also against a break is this camera with a load weight of 100 kilograms tested and also here the housing of this load could withstand. So you could find that you get a camera at the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera, which is the faithful companion in any terrain and so you always have a secure camera with compact dimensions quickly at hand. The design of this Olympus TG-3 underwater camera is so robust that you can almost say it is unbreakable.  

With the high-speed / auto-focus lens, the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera is just fast

They will not miss a motif, so they can hold fast fast, as the high-spee lens proved to be a useful innovation in the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera. Even with a light intensity F 2.0, this camera creates the balancing act even in poor light conditions still very good recordings to produce. This is thanks to the high-light lens of the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera and here the optimized ratio between a high-quality coated lens and the electronics has given the Olympus this camera. In addition, this lens offers a 4x zoom as a wide angle in the size 25 - 100 mm. This allows you to shoot the best shots under water and also to photograph the falling snow in winter. There were almost endless possibilities in the test. Also the pixelation of the pictures convinced the results.  

Close-ups in nature in the test with the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera

In order to make these recordings in nature, as in the test with the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera happen, one needs otherwise almost professional technology. Again, this system camera shows a surprisingly surprising performance in its compact design. The macro settings designed here as a Supermakro allow you to create the perfect macro photograph. You can hold bees, flowers and other insects close up in the picture. Even better You can also make videos of these natural things. This is even a special feature in the test, because this camera has a microscope mode and this is supported by a Fucus stacking so that you have the opportunity to go up to 1 cm to the object and take pictures. These enlargements offer only a few system cameras and the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera has this good effect.  

The Internet directly as a memory with WLAN and the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera

Today it is a trend photos directly to the Internet to put and these recordings there perpetuate. With the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera in the test, this was tested as well and via the WLAN and the corresponding Shar function OI you can save your recordings directly to a third medium. You can then put your recordings directly into the network via the smartphone or the tablet. In addition, this WLAN interface opens the possibility to use the smartphone as a remote control for the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera.  

All the technical features of the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera at a glance:

  • Outdoorkamera wasserdicht up to 15 meters water depth
  • Shockproof and breakproof
  • Frost-proof to minus 10 degrees Celsius
  • Light-focussed lens with 4x zoom
  • 3 inch display scratch-resistant and unbreakable
  • IHS technology 16 megapixel CMOS sensor
  • High-speed autofocus function via True Pic VI processor
  • WLAN, HD video GPS and compass to signature the pictures
  • Lithium-ion battery and power supply etc.
This camera showed in the test true peak performance and is a compact camera with very good performances. It can do a lot and holds out a lot, it is just the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera.


Conclusion guy He showed a convincing conclusion, here price and performance and the customer gets a system in the form of a system camera. The light-focussed lens is almost unbeatable in combination with the processor technology. Also the performance of the housing are simply innovative well solved, robust, solid, easy in the menu and equipped with many features, this camera goes to the start. The test has exactly the announcements of the manufacturer proved and that reflects in the Olympus TG-3 underwater camera the reliability and the warranty of the manufacturer. Here you get a camera which is really finished with every terrain. You could say to water, in the countryside, and in the air. It is already fascinating what this camera did in the test and that with such a small construction size.

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