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Review: McCulloch Petrol snowblower MSB 121


The McCulloch MSB 121

When it snows and is in accordance with snow, can, of course there many accidents occur and exactly why it is necessary to remove the snow. This is because if someone gets hurt if this is due to the fact because you have not removed the snow, this is of course a classic use case for compensation. At this point, I will deal with the McCulloch MSB 121, which is a qualitative snowblower and such devices are especially in winter countless use, as it lets effectively eliminate the snow. This text will mainly deal even in the portion of the test and the other portion will be a conclusion, there I will deal with the text and on the test in insgesamten and thereby draw a resume. The main section will be divided into different classes so that you can tell pretty quickly.  

The performance

Of course, in a machinery Transport, which is designed primarily to remove the snow effective and safe performance is not negligible and here, the McCulloch MSB 121 convince. With a capacity of about 3450 per minute Umdrehnungen manages this device quite well to eliminate the snow reliable. This creates the with an output of 4kW, compared to many other snow blowers, the number of revolutions is very good and this makes the end then a good difference. At 3450 rpm must here worry drum that the snow is not reliably eliminated. For milling model must be said that the McCulloch MSB 121 stage milled, thus the snow on a line is cut nice and clean, so here you have to choose to not have different lengths or strengths, then to remove the snow reliably at the end. When the engine is here a so-called OHV engine and the motor is a device of the type LCT 208, in this case suggests a quality and reliable motor inside this machine. Of course, this snow thrower must be refueled. Ideal, one does not go to each use and refill the tank and this is not the case, because with about 1.4 liters of tank volume, it is not necessary to provide immediately after each use to replenish the tanks. Overall, it must be said that the McCulloch MSB 121 a very good performance provides, without however excessively fuel, thus consuming energy here. Thus, completely convincing in the performance of this device.  

The volume for the operator

also a considerable noise arises that when using such a machine, of course, is a mystery or rather should be none.Here one has to say that this device is in good the average score when it comes to the operator not to damage your hearing, but still be able to produce sounds. With a value of about 88 decibels, this device is not to much damage hearing and thus ideal without having to rely on strong protection for the hearing.  

The overall noise level

Now that we've established how high is the noise at the ears of the operator, we clarify now the question is how much is the noise impact on the external environment. And here can convince this unit completely because McCulloch MSB 121 can having a value of 105 Db show that although some noise arises, this, however, is in a pleasant environment when considering other machines of this type for the rate of McCulloch MSB 121 is very good in the average score, nor too noisy to be still too low. Here everything has been done correctly. Both the volume for the operator, as well as the volume of the insgesamten surrounding space, here you have to worry a hearing impairment.  

The dimensions and the comfort

Of course, a snow cutter has a corresponding extent, this can not legunen natural and even here the McCulloch MSB 121 can not speak of dates. This must also not, because on the one hand he has a collapsible Holm. This means that he is einklappar a part without problems and it lets vertauen him quickly so that there is no difficulty, once the degree is the problem, for example in the garage. Secondly, would the weight here. Usually machines this unit does not weigh this caliber around 40 kilograms. With "easy" 37 Kg of McCulloch MSB 121 is neither too light nor too heavy. When weight everything was also done right because you can clearly see that this device weighs a bit, but this so is very limited, that one does not have great difficulty to be able to transport these snowblower. Of course, is certainly not entirely unintressant how wide this device is. And here is convincing with none to wide extent these snowblower.With a working width of about 53 centimeters, this device is small enough to find at the end, even in the garage, but it is wide enough to find a suitable level and be able to do its job as stable.


conclusion guyIn this section I tell now how the McCulloch MSB has 121 cut off in test conclusively. And here I can report only positive because the McCulloch MSB 121 comes with numerous features, which makes it very attractive for use in the home garden or in a large area. With this device you do something wrong in any way, so one can only say, buy and be happy.

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