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Review: Sony SmartWatch 3


What you should know about the Sony SmartWatch 3

The Sony SmartWatch springs of the latest generation of Smart Watches. Whatever the user expects this watch, he will certainly not be disappointed. Although the clock could run a little smoother, but the main features are error-free.The watch is designed by the user to monitor. If he sits too much, then they will be prompted after a certain time to undergo a certain fitness program. Movement is the main thing in this watch and is also achieved thereby. The watch is perfect, and takes the user into its spell. Here are taking quite easy especially before the settings. The watch can connect to a computer, which constitutes an even better evaluation.  

Watch The equipment

First, it comes to the equipment. The Sony SmartWatch is equipped with a large screen. From there, the installed apps can best serve. The size of the watch is 42.5 mm in width and 12.5 mm in height. This is indeed quite thick SmartWatch, but when you get used to it, the clock is no longer negligible. The total length of the watch with the bracelet is 255 mm. This will make them fit to a normal men or woman's arm. Such a watch is intended primarily for people who spend a lot of time in the office. These people will be asked to move. The watch has the colors silver and black and falls with 56 grams only little weight. The user can operate the clock by means of a capacitive touchscreen. Here it is not important that the fingers are very thin. The clock can be controlled perfectly. The resolution is 204 pixels at 240 x. These are all positive features that will make the watch look even better.  

explains the hardware detail

With the built-chipset is a MTK2502A ARM7. The storage can be found at the Buyee® Bluetooth SmartWatch fairly limited memory, but is still perfectly adequate for normal work with the clock. The memory is 128MB, but can still be upgraded with a small memory card to an extra 32MB. Also a speaker finds the user. The operating system that is pre-installed in the clock, is a Nucleus operating system, which is still relatively unknown. The pair with a smartphone runs in Buyee® Bluetooth Smart Watch via Bluetooth.  

The main functions of the watch

With the Sony SmartWatch more than just a watch is purchased. The watch has a small heart rate monitor, the user can take quite seriously. Add to this the function, if the user moves. The aerobic app provides information on whether the movement is sufficient, or whether the user, there is a lack of exercise. With the clock calls are possible, and the user can read much of what is sent from a mobile phone. So he has to see by clicking the chance the weather, or even to read his emails. Also postings are possible from the watch from. For all these features the phone should but are available nearby. The SmartWatch can also serve as a remote control. It is possible for music to play from which is sent from the mobile phone. but here is my little memory impact, and although a caching of music works, but these encounters rather quickly to its capacity. The Buyee® Bluetooth SmartWatch can wake the user thanks to the built-in alarm function also. That's great, because the clock should always be there. Phone records, and more are thus possible, as well as its own health surveillance system. Takes sitting in office too long, then this will also launch an invitation to move more. It still lend themselves to many other features that should appear useful. The watch can also what should make a good watch, it reliably indicates the time. Such SmartWatch must be recharged periodically. The user will probably also can always access it. But this is no problem at all. The display can be customized and is the current mood to play. Should the user know where the phone is beloved abgeblieben not even, then also no need to panic should be. The SmartWatch has a feature that allows the phone to be found again.  

The delivery of the Sony SmartWatch

Included with the user gets naturally SmartWatch and a suitable USB cable. He should be equipped to use the clock can. Of course, everything comes in a great Paketbox which is kept quite clear.  


conclusion guyWith the BSony SmartWatch many functions are possible that the user may wish for. The display is large enough and is also completely satisfied. The clock has many functions that the user has to overlook once, but it is a simple clock. Many will respond to support it, and this is then soon know why he has chosen the Buyee® Bluetooth Smart Watch. When SmartWatch it is still important that respects the user to regular firmware updates. This might be remedied errors that may affect the clock. However, this should not happen. It should be in the foreground always the full operation of the SmartWatch. The clock is just right for a beginner with a smartwatch. Depends to the clock but once, and can no longer be controlled, then it should not be despondent. The watch is still in its infancy and that will hopefully resolved soon. Nevertheless, it is useful to turn the clock off and then start again. A Buyee® Bluetooth watch is provided with all the refinements, the need of the users.Also the calls from friends nothing is thus stand in the way. Such SmartWatch can certainly be recommended.Every smartphone has a good Bluetooth function. So, the entire operation of the watch should be no problem. It is also a lot of settings can be made which are essential to operate the clock here. This Buyee® Bluetooth watch will delight the user and literally get off the chair.

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