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Review: Moto 360 SmartWatch


What you should know about the Moto 360 SmartWatch

With the Moto 360 Motorola provides impressive evidence that a watch can be both stylish and functional. Even the look is reminiscent of the circular shape more like classic designer watches. But also processing and functionality are convincing. However, show a few weaknesses on the Moto 360, the Motorola deny the big throw.  

Convincing design and high wearing comfort

The stainless steel case of the Moto 360 acts already very high at first glance. Rights watch is scratch resistant Corning GorillaGlass, which is why show so quickly any unpleasant scratches on the display. With the circular shape to Motorola is a welcome change from comparable Smart wax. The leather strap was made by Horween and feels comfortable on the wrist. Very pleasing is the wide range, which provides Motorola customers. So you can choose from different colors and design proposals. Instead of real leather bracelet you can alternatively select a metal bracelet. This wide range can configure the watch easily to your preference and find a clock that corresponds to the personal taste. The display is safely taken in a stainless steel case, which was held schn√∂rkelos.This makes the Moto 360 modern and unfussy impression. Only one microphone hole on the left and a single button on the right break something out of the otherwise smooth stainless steel surface. The manufacturer of genuine leather bracelet, Horween, rightly enjoys a very good reputation. Finally, the company is an exclusivesupplier of balls for the American professional league NFL. It is therefore not surprising that the bracelet can be worn comfortably and formally conforms to the wrist.  

Hardware is powerful

Many watch manufacturers like highlight the advantages of design and rarely go to the actual performance of the device. That may be because most devices have only an inadequate performance and in relation to other types of devices darstehen rather than underperformers. Motorola proposes with the Moto 360 followed a different path. For example, the update ofAndroid 5.0 Lolipop was recorded. An update would probably have the OMAP earned 3 processor from Texas Instruments, the somewhat is now getting on in years. This is occasionally noticeable if you want to go through the menus of Android Wear and smaller Minilags perceives. Likewise, a weakness is the connection tothe Smartphone that is lost once happy and performing as worse than the competition. The 320mAh battery is enough for a whole day, which is only slightly different from other devices. At night, the device can be recharged wirelessly with the included charger. The display lights up during the charging process and thus can easily serve as a table clock during the night hours.The display has a resolution of 320 x 290 and comes on a PPI density of 205 pixels. All the important texts and images are displayed properly and free of distortion on the Moto 360th The SmartWatch has no GPS feature. The internal memory is between 512MB and 4GB. A successful idea, the numerous design changes, which can be downloaded from the PlayStore and the integrated pedometer.  

Interface and fitness applications

By update the Moto 360 has access to Android 5.1. This enables applications to load faster and the connection to the PlayStore Google has gotten better. Thus, the appearance of the interface can be customized in a few steps.The Moto 360 features a variety of dedicated applications that are part of theAndroid Wear category. The Moto 360 is thus possible to create lists or understand the everyday to be better organized with a few hand gestures or voice inputs. With a navigation app you find yourself abroad easily manage and receive clear directions. Unlike a classic smartphone barely touch inputs are necessary, which makes the control of applications much more pleasant. you can send with simple voice commands SMS or create smaller notes over Google. The organization of appointments is easy with voice commands and gives himself to ask a quick response. Here scores SmartWatch Motorola over traditionalmobile devices such as tablets or smartphones. The integrated pedometer refers to the steps taken and separate fitness apps hold, how many calories you consume on a particular route. The pulse sensor is again very inaccurate and draws a direct comparison with a fitness bracelet lose out.  

Compatibility and protection functions

The Moto 360 is compatible with earlier versions of Android up 4.3 Jelly Bean and 4.4 KitKat. With Apple devices like theiPhone, the Moto 360 is not compatible, which should be considered when making a purchase. The SmartWatch has received IP67 certification. This means that the clock is insensitive to water and dust. However, it is not completely waterproof, so it is not suitable for swimming or diving.  

Battery life is a weak point

Although the battery with 320 mAh more than adequate and even competitors should trumped, shows here in a practical test, a weakness of the SmartWatch. So the battery in section does not last as long as comparable smartwatches by. Although few users report that the battery power of the battery will last up to two days, but usually the Moto after 24 hours of juice comes from 360. This very much depends on how often you use the clock and whether to use the clock as energy-saving. This drawback is somewhat offset by the unique charging station, which makes it perfectly suited to the Moto 360 on the nightstand and when charging to show the time or other data.  


conclusion guyMotorola has released the Moto 360 an inexpensive watch that can impress with elegance and high functionality. The range of applications is large and only the short battery life and the somewhat aged processor tarnish the otherwise positive overall impression.

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