Dual DT 210 turntable review

Especially for the person who are not willing to spend lots of money on a great record player, the dual DT 210 turntable is perfect. The records again in the trend, has emerged in recent years very well. These records can be bought everywhere. So many on the weekly flea markets can be found. But now to this device. This is perfectly adequate for the price. The reasons that speak for the purchase are therefore easy to define. The turntable can be connected to the computer. Achieved easily via USB connection. Then of course the fact is that the turntable is very good and much better than other models, which are available on the market. The delivery is very fast and thus the buyer can look forward soon with a great model. Also he is not disappointed here. In principle it comes at such a device always, it turns and it also makes the device.

The scope of supply

So that the device can be connected to a stereo system, the user needs still a Cinch cable. That is understandable even included. Then is also a USB cable and a manual on CD ROM. These can be inserted into the computer to read the manual. This manual is perfect and will explain well everything what is possible with the device. But the cable is too short, and that can be quickly disadvantageous for the users of the player. The user can draw but in this case, an extension cord. The USB cable that is also in the scope of delivery is long enough and it will be also useful to play the media on the computer.

The installation?

That a turntable installation at all is needed is rather funny. But here it is happen. The turntable must be built so still. To do this, the platter must be installed first. But easily achieved even without instructions. Overall, only a short amount of time is necessary to mount the device. Also the rubber ring, which is the use as drive, must be installed. But even that manages easily. The user can install now felt mat and then the unit already on a good place can be. He stands by the way, I'm sure on the rubber feet. This turntable is everything that a user could want and he is soon indispensable for most users. At this point, it is important that the platter swinging something, but that explains the price of the device and thus also the plates are played even better.


With the device a start is automatic and a stop automatic. Both are extremely practical and of course perfect to hear good music. Do not manually move the tonearm. He also cannot manually must be lowered. The music itself is classic and much more fun with this. Already, playing a plate is a great highlight that no owner should be missed. The plate can be new or old the result is the same. But it is important that the plate has no scratches, because this significantly influenced the result while playing the music. Music-lovers can make perfect use of this turntable and will be thrilled by the great music. This music is always special nature and which can be recognized immediately.


With the help of the computer, old pieces of music can be brought back to life again. This music can be seen again from a different angle and will sound good. This turntable is able to put on this music completely and then assign to your computer. That alone is a reason to decide for the player. There is a program called audacity, which will be very useful for the inclusion on the aforementioned CD. Thus, this music can be implemented so even better. Each user will be now amazed by the sounds.

Connecting to the computer?

It succeeds thanks to the cable very quickly to connect the turntable to a computer. This computer also automatically detects the player, and will then install it.

Technical Characteristics

Drive Belt
Pitch Without collective pitch function
Platter Aluminum
Speed 33 1/3 rpm, 45 rpm
Function Auto stop
Terminals Line Out, USB
Tonabnehmersytem MM (electromagnetic)
Pickup Audio-Technica AT 3600 L
Mode Automatically
Dimensions 35 x 9.5 x 34.8 cm
Weight 2.75 kg
Power consumption 3 w
Cover Available
DC motor Available
Phono preamplifier Available
Engine brake Not available
Special feature Automatic set up of the tonearm and auto stop at the end of the plates


Dual DT 210 Turntable


  • Very easy Assembly
  • Integrated USB connection to the Digitalsieren of records
  • With cushioned pick-up arm lift


  • When connected to the stereo was missing the right channel


With a good turntable everyone, can the love and lots of music sounds, a great pleasure. That such a device need not be expensive, it also proves. Because it is possible again to relive the old days and if necessary even over the computer to play and record. A cheaper CD player which is perfect, can be absolutely recommended and is correct for all music lovers.

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