Philips AC4080 10 Humidifiers – Tests AND Reviews

Overview: Philips AC4080 10 Humidifiers

For our apartment we have searched, due to dry air for a humidifier. In the view of the models we have opted for the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers. Why was this humidifier and how he has proved themselves in practice, this test report can be.

Purchase of the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers

Actually we wanted only a humidifier for the humidification of dry air. But relatively quickly we were attentive to the numerous functions, a humidifier can provide. Out he noticed Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers us. The humidifier for a cold evaporation, but also as protection against excess moisture is due to the functions. In addition, it filters reliably odours and bacteria from the air. This diversity has convinced this model, even if the humidifier is not exactly cheap. Anyway I bought 10 humidifier the Philips AC4080.

Technical data to the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers

Off a plastic case manufactured is the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers. The humidifier comes in performance to 65 Watts. The energy when the humidifier is on a 230 Volt connection. You can set the humidity at the humidifier. So possible setting of 40, 50 and ultimately by 60 percent. The humidifier is equipped with a combination filter. This is a HEPA and carbon filters. It can filter particles with a size of 0.02 microns. Thus it has an efficacy of 99 per cent and this is true not only for particulate matter, but also for smoke, viruses, bacteria and odors. The humidifier can operate automatically, ensure it is fitted with two sensors. With this, you can edit an output of up to 210 m ³ h. In operation, the humidifier on a level of 36 dB comes. The humidifier on dimensions 21 x 36.5 x 60.5 cm comes with the dimensions. The humidifier has a white shade. An air cleaning combination filter is included in addition to the humidifier.

Handling of the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers

Concerning the management so that takes away Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers not a lot of space. Accordingly you can set up the humidifier everywhere, assuming one has a source of energy in its vicinity. This limits the site a bit. The operation you can set manually, but also automatically. The latter naturally has the great advantage you once stopped the humidifier, it runs by itself. As a result, it has no effort with the humidifier. While you can at any time change the settings. You can see the control panel at the top and the small LED lights in what is set. In his white design and slick surfaces, the humidifier if required can be cleaned well. The same applies to the filters, you can change this easily if necessary.

Small downside to the Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers

A point of us Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers did not like, has been shown in the use. As already stated in the technical information it is operated electrically. This noise is noticed us, which certainly interferes in the evening and night hours.

Technical characteristics – Philips AC4080 10 Humidifiers

Power 60 Watt
Room size in m ² 35 m ²
36 dB Noise
Power level3
Filter system HEPA filter, activated carbon filter, humidifier filter
Air circulation 210 m ³/h
Water tank 1.5 litres
Dimensions 60.5 x 36.5 x 21 cm
Weight 8.3 kg
Automatic Available
Feature With LED display and good design


Philips AC4080 10 Humidifiers


  • Very good workmanship by the humidifier
  • Is equipped with a HEPA and charcoal combination filter
  • Air humidity you can set
  • Good performance


  • Noise


Which is well manufactured Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers. It is operated electrically with 230 Volt, it must reflect the installation. He gets hi erbei to a maximum power of 65 Watts. The humidifier has numerous setting options, you can make these settings over the top. This can be heard just the desired setting via the push of a button. Among other things the level of humidity, such as 40, 50 and 60 percent among the controls. A filter which can filter all sorts from the air belongs to the facilities of the humidifier, the action level is very high with 99 percent. The humidifier can be operated manually or automatically. The handling and operation is easy. Small deficiency is the noise level, this disturbs a bit. In practice which is proved Philips AC4080 10 humidifiers, it can recommend these.

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