Krups Calvi XP 3440 Espresso Machine

Test report: Krups Calvi XP 3440 Espressomaschine

The Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine proved to be a practical test application as the smallest espresso machine, available in the market. Comparing the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine with regard to competitors, so there is in the narrow sense no direct comparison. This is on the one hand about the favorable price and other solid Siebträger Espressomaschinen are only starting from a price volume of approximately 500 euro to get. The main feature of this machine is its compactness. The dimensions are simply optimal with 28.6 x 14.3 x 30.8 cm so that this espresso machine can really be accommodated in every kitchen.

The taste does not suffer from the compact size of Krups Calvi

The test proved that small machines also produce a good espresso. The Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine is not a compromise when it comes to taste. Other manufacturers of professional espresso machines are different in their material and size, but this machine is not intended to replace a professional espresso machine, but only to satisfy the domestic desire for a good cup of espresso. This machine has also been tested and the performance is really convincing at this price.

The highlights and advantages of the Krups Espressomaschine at a glance:

  • Krups "Tamping-System" for perfect taste
  • Universal filter holder
  • 1-2 cups capacity
  • Pumps pressure 15 bar
  • Milk froth over a special steam nozzle
  • Water tank with 1.1l volume-detachable
  • Compact dimensions height x width x length 28.6 x 14.3 x 30.8 cm
  • Easy to maintain
  • High quality plastic and stainless steel
  • Best processing
  • Good optics

Best taste from the small espresso machine

The test proven taste is not dependent on the size, the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine delivered with the taste values an optimum of pleasure. All parameters such as the pressure of the pump at 15 bar can be compared with a good large espresso machine. In the test, it was also pleasing to see how quickly the 1 - 2 cups were prepared. About the small volume of 1.1 liters, the water is very quickly under pressure and you could drink the hot espresso in the usual quality after only a few minutes. This machine is optimally designed in such a way that the small enjoyment does not come too short.

The test of the quality of the Krups Calvi XP3440

Krups informs its customers as an announcement that the entire production process of its products is subject to strict monitoring. This quality judgment could also confirm in the test. Even after unpacking the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine, you could see what good quality is delivered here. Be it the plastic parts that fit almost seamlessly together or the metal parts of the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine.

Overall convincing

All in all, this machine is reliable, robust, solid and very high quality. Here you get really good quality at an acceptable price. The highlight of this machine is its compact size and the fact that many parts of the machine can also be cleaned in the domestic dishwashing machine without any problems. This results in a really good test.

The milk froth

The milk froth was also produced in the test and the constant good pressure generated by the patented heating system allowed the milk to be foamed in seconds using the steam. This machine is something for the novice who wants to open up the world of espresso with simple means, without having to make a huge investment. The machine also convinces with its design that fits really well into every corner of a kitchen or an office. The designers at Krups have really taken the trouble to create a perfect small machine that will do great.

The Test Result Krups Calvi XP 3440 Espresso Machine



The result for the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine is very good. Here come together many interesting factors that has proven the test of the Krups Calvi XP3440 espresso machine. This machine has its place in every kitchen and at a good price. All the announcements made by the manufacturer have been fulfilled and here solid technology is offered which on the one hand provides a good result with the taste of the espresso and on the other hand is very easy to care for. Small as the machine is, so great is its utility. These are convincing values that make it worthwhile to seriously consider the acquisition. Larger units may offer more comfort, but this machine delivers good results in the simple manufacture of espresso and milk froth.

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