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Test report: MACS Cat Wet Food

Whether it is race - or breeds, plays a subordinate role. It is important for all that they are properly fed and get to feel a proper place. The MACS cat cat wet food has secured a permanent place on the market, for example, in the feed.

This is because only natural raw materials are used for the production. Also to ensure that all the details fit together. In addition, that the cat food by Macs is a cat food, which is a complete pet food. In addition, the cat food can be used equally well for babies and the elderly.

MACS Cat Wet Food Convenient for Storage

Because a gun has a size of 800 grams of the MACS cat Katzennassfuttr, the consumer fed not all at once. Therefore, a space is required for optimal storage. This is found quickly. Fault is the Gesamtgwicht, which beats with 4.8 kilograms to beech. In addition, the cans can be stored space-saving. This is because they can be piled together. It is possible that, because these are round.

Composition MACS Cat Wet Food - perfect for any cat

In the composition was really thought of everything. This means that the cat food is made up of pure natural products. The meat content consists of at least 70 percent. Furthermore, strinkt it is wet, that no dyes and preservatives in the food. Also, the food is free of preservatives. In addition, that no grain percentage in the cat food is included.

Thus, cats can have an allergy, eat the cat food without concerns. While the cats age remain still mobile, the cat food has many vitamins and minerals of Macs. Valuable proteins are contained within the feed. So that the cat also trace elements via the feed as there are flavors, the vegetables as carrots contain. The processing of the feed is very gentle. Thus this is excellent for natural digestion.

MACS Cat Wet Food is convenient and fast to take

The feed available to make his cat, the consumer must take no effort to. That is, the consumer opens the box, takes a certain amount and closes it. To open, the consumer can make a perfect use of the provided strap. This ensures that consumers not in the finger cut.

Scope of delivery MACS Cat Wet Food – optimally chosen

All consumers who send the Mac cat cat wet food is to count the hours until the postman at the door rings. This is it, and on the other hand because the consumer for one would like to make sure whether his cat also likes the food, because six rifles in the package. Also, the consumer gets a little guide, where it is just listed what ingredients are in the cat food. So, first feeding can be made immediately after unpacking.

Technical characteristics – MACS Cat Wet Food

Ingredients Meat
Feed property Grain-free
Packing Box
Weight 400 g
Without dyes Available
Without preservatives Available
Feature For MAC's cat food meat comes from controlled slaughterhouses from Germany


MACS Cat Wet Food


  • Simple application
  • Ready for use
  • Free of soy products
  • Different flavors
  • Perfect for all kinds of cat
  • High meat content
  • A pleasant smell


  • Feed very firm


To the MACS cat wet food only one conclusion can be drawn. This is a buy recommendation. This is because the food can be administered daily. Thus is the value for money more than just manufactures. The cat food by Macs is a full-fledged cat food.

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