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iPhone 13 Pro Max review: price, release, colors

The iPhone 13 Pro Max collects superlatives: It is not only the largest and heaviest iPhone, but also the best smartphone that Apple has built to date. The Android competition is staring down the drain.

Test report: iPhone 13 Pro Max

The iPhone 13 Pro Max is a big chunk - but you also get a strong technology package. The battery lasts an enormous amount of time and beats all other iPhone 13 models by far in terms of runtime. The screen is bright and displays moving content without juddering at up to 120 Hertz. The camera is good. Compared to the simple iPhone 13 models, the Pro models are characterized by the triple telephoto and the ultra wide-angle camera with macro mode off.

iPhone 13 Pro Max design and size

With its huge 6.7-inch display, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is the perfect size for anyone who uses their smartphone around the clock – for surfing, working, watching movies. It can no longer be operated with one hand, and it also pinches in the trouser pocket. And at 238 grams, it's even heavier than its predecessor. At first glance, the iPhone 13 Pro Max looks just as big as its predecessor, the iPhone 12 Pro Max (226 grams). From the front, it looks very similar to its predecessor. The stainless steel frame has remained, as has the matte glass on the back. But I like the new, very subtle blue.

iPhone 13 Pro vs. 13 Pro Max

OLED display: Apple likes color fidelity

The test laboratory confirms: Thanks to OLED technology, the contrasts on all iPhone 13 models are outstanding. In addition, the natural color representation is convincing. In the Android camp, on the other hand, bright colors can often be seen. Although this looks breathtaking at first glance, it delivers an overly saturated color impression, which makes it difficult to assess photos. In the test for the extended color space, the lab also determines whether the display correctly displays special colors such as a neon-orange T-shirt. The iPhone 13 Pro Max does this excellently in the so-called "sRGB color space", but not yet in the photo display in the newer "DCI-P3" color space.

iPhone 13 Pro: Bright, brighter, HDR

Brightness is important for anyone who wants to see enough on their iPhone display outside, for example when taking photos in the sunshine. There are clear differences here. In extreme cases, the iPhone 13 Pro Max managed 1,190 candelas per square meter, similar to the other models. However, the maximum brightness is only reached when displaying HDR content such as photos and videos for individual, very bright image areas. The brightness is lower during normal reading or surfing. This is where the hour of the 13 Pro models comes in. With a good 1,000 candelas (13 Pro Max 1,050 cd; 13 Pro 1,065 cd), they are much more suitable for the sun than the iPhone 13 and 13 mini (around 800 candelas). For comparison: The iPhone 12 and 12 mini only manage 600 candela.

Pro-Motion-Display creates 120 Hertz

The OLED display is a Super Retina XDR screen with ProMotion that offers a refresh rate of up to 120 Hertz. The latter continuously adapts to the requirements in order to save battery power – the frequency varies between 10 and 120 Hertz.

Battery: How the Max beats the competition!

Empty batteries are the biggest scourge of smartphone users. But not quite as much as before. Because the laboratory test delivers good news - and a surprise: if you want maximum battery life, you can't avoid the iPhone 13 Pro Max: In the test, the robotic arm had to keep the device in continuous operation for 13 hours and 43 minutes in the laboratory the battery was finally empty. Since COMPUTER BILD has used this test method, no iPhone has held out any longer. With the exception of the Sony Xperia 5 II, the current top Android smartphones don't have as much endurance.

Improved Camera

Apple remains true to itself: The iPhone 13 Pro and the iPhone 13 Pro Max again have three lenses on the back. Behind it is a system with ultra wide-angle, wide-angle and a telephoto lens with triple optical magnification built into both Pro models. For comparison, the 12 Pro Max offers 2.5x zoom, the 12 Pro offers 2x magnification. The arrangement of the three lenses remains the same. Every camera supports night mode and offers impressive images even in low light conditions. The optical image stabilization with sensor shift is also back on board - against the shaking of photo and video recordings.

iPhone 13 Pro Max camera

Photo quality in the test

Like the iPhone 13 Pro, the 13 Pro Max comes with an extra large main sensor - each sensor pixel is 1.9 μm. The predecessor iPhone 12 Pro, just like the normal iPhone 13, was only 1.7 μm. The photo quality of the Pro models was clearly superior to the normal iPhone 13 variants in the test, both during the day and in low light. And only in the Pro models there is a telephoto lens with triple optical magnification. Unsurprisingly, all iPhones except the Pro models performed moderately in the Zoom test.

New in iPhone: macro photos

The ultra-wide-angle lens is not only particularly bright but also has something new up its sleeve: macro photography. This allows you to take pictures of objects from a very short distance - for example plants or animals such as a dog's snout and a chestnut in the example here. The video mode also benefits from this. Macro mode currently starts automatically when the iPhone camera gets closer than 14 centimeters to a subject. With a future update, Apple also wants to give the camera app a manually activated macro function.

iPhone 13 Pro Max macro photos

Cinema feeling with videos

Photo enthusiasts can take even better pictures with the new "Photographic Styles" option - these can be further adjusted if desired. With the cinema mode, you can also shoot films with more atmosphere. The depth of field is adjusted so that people, animals or objects in the foreground are sharp, but the background appears blurred. The highlight: The built-in artificial intelligence recognizes when the main person turns out of the picture and then automatically blurs the person in the background. The focus can be edited afterwards if desired. In 2021 there will also be a ProRes mode exclusively for the Pro models. Videos in the HD-capable format developed by Apple can be edited particularly well with the video editing program Final Cut Pro, among other things.

iPhone 13 Pro Max Cinema feeling with videos

Apple A15 Bionic: It doesn't get any faster

It goes without saying that a fresh iPhone model also gets a new processor. Thanks to the Apple A15 Bionic, the new Pro models are actually the fastest smartphones as of October 2021. Compared to the normal 13 variants, the A15 chip is even more powerful when it comes to graphics, as the A15 Bionc is only equipped with five GPU cores in the Pro models compared to four GPU cores in the normal iPhone 13. In normal CPU applications, however, the increase in speed compared to the iPhone 12 is small, between 10 and 25 percent, depending on use. So speed is not a reason for switching from the iPhone 12 Pro Max to the iPhone 13 Pro Max. But there are special computing units for artificial intelligence and image processing, which ultimately benefit camera performance.

Up to 1 terabyte of storage in the Phone 13 Pro Max

When it comes to storage space, Apple adds another pound with the iPhone 13 Pro Max. The company continues to offer the entry-level version with 128 gigabytes (GB), followed by the popular variant with 256 GB and one with 512 GB. If that's not enough for you, you get an even bigger version: The iPhone 13 Pro Max comes with 1 terabyte of internal memory.

iOS 15 on board

With the launch of the new iPhone comes a fresh version of the operating system. You can find out what it offers in the summary of iOS 15. Only with iOS 15.1 will some bugs be eliminated, such as unlocking the cell phone via the Apple Watch.

iPhone 13 Pro Max: prices, colors, availability

When it comes to colors, the iPhone 13 Pro Max is covered as usual: it appears in graphite, gold, silver and "Sierra blue". It has been available for pre-order since September 17, 2021 – it has been in stores since September 24, 2021. There is also information about the prices: The iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at 1,249 euros with 128 GB of memory. For the version with 256 GB, Apple charges 1,369 euros – with 512 GB of internal memory, 1,599 euros are due. The iPhone 13 Pro Max with 1 terabyte of internal memory is just under the 2,000 euro mark: it costs 1,829 euros. Since its introduction, the prices of the iPhone 13 Pro Max have remained largely stable, cheap online offers for the 128 GB variant start at around 1,080 euros as of January 2022.

iPhone 13 Pro Max price


iPhone 13 Pro Max


  • Enormous battery life
  • Top camera
  • 120 hertz display
  • Inductive charging


  • Big and unwieldy
  • Slow loading

Bigger is better. That's no longer the case with smartphones. After all, there have long been huge mobile phone chunks in all price ranges in the Android warehouse - from the Poco X3 Pro for a good 200 euros to the Galaxy S21 Ultra, which is five times as expensive. Only at Apple is the world still simple: The iPhone 13 Pro Max is the largest variant of the iPhone 13 fleet – and also the best. The test shows why the iPhone 13 Pro Max outperforms the Android competition.

Test conclusion: iPhone 13 Pro Max

There's no question that if you pick up the iPhone 13 Pro Max, you have to like it thick and heavy. But for that he gets a real power package. The iPhone 13 Pro Max impressed in the test with enormous battery life, rapid speed, good camera (finally with a usable zoom) and top equipment.

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