Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590 – Tests AND Reviews

Test report: Samsung UE55JU7590 OLED TV

What you should know about the Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590?

The Samsung TV UE55JU7590 not one doubt one of the best TV sets that currently exist on the market. Nevertheless, the brands TV is so popular with many customers, that the start-up is hard to stop. Finally UE55JU7590 already distinguished from the Samsung that behind the massive phenomenon also some's inside. Anyway, Samsung heard with this curved TV to the top manufacturers, which currently are at the mult-media market and hardly a consumer wants to do without the movie night at home. Because that promises the Samsung UE55JU7590 TV Curved - as the resolution of 3840 x 2160 pixels proves alone. Thereupon consumers may choose to if they wish to place the giant Samsung TV with 55 inch screen (138cm) home. As you can see on the price of time as a consumer entirely when the benefits are looked at, which offers the Samsung UE55JU7590.

Assembly and installation of Samsung UE55JU7590 curved TVs

The Samsung Curved TV UE55JU7590 thing of the severe variety and apart from the very few consumers want to add harm their miracle-TV. Therefore, the assembly or the structure is rather for couples to accomplish, so the Colossus must not be held by a person and the connection can be made. For the TV from Samsung offers at least equal to 4 HDMI ports, which should be exploited. The structure is easy with two people and requires only a few minutes before the TV from Samsung can shine in its full glory.

Versatile feature set meets quality

When Samsung UE55JU7590 many services meet together at one time. So thrilled the TV with an unbeatable resolution on its 55-inch display and a total of 3840 x 2160 pixels, where the cinema fun should not pose a problem for home. On the other hand the revolutionary Curved TV Samsung UE55JU7590 offers a breathtaking visual event that it so far was only in the movies. Each gauge on the screen is detected by the human eye, thus ensuring that a new and fascinating television feeling is developed. The versatile connections are also a spectacle for themselves, which make the Samsung UE55JU7590 a real eye-catcher. Finally, in addition to the 4 HDMI ports are also 3 USB ports to be found and Wifi on TV. A simple TV comes for Samsung obviously with the Samsung Curved TV UE55JU7590 not in question, is not difficult to recognize.

Frugal energy consumption convinced the Samsung UE55JU7590

Another highlight that this Samsung UE55JU7590 Curved TV is makes very clear to see the energy rating. Finally, the TV convinces with an A + award, which may be of benefit in the power consumption well. Meanwhile consumed the TV in about 115kWh per year, which is more than just an unbeatable price for the Samsung UE55JU7590 in consumption and also generally have one of the top devices with the least consumption power. At 83 watts of power, consumers are allowed to make in focus with the Curved TV by Samsung, which of course corresponds to the clear master class, the Samsung comes in here.

The endless possibilities of the Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590

With four HDMI ports provides the Samsung UE55JU7590 the possibility HD connectors to mobilize. While three USB ports are suitable for any music and playback drives, but also for Amazon Sticks & Co to other stations on the WLAN enabled device play. It is also striking that the Samsung UE55JU7590 Curved TV is playable with digital cable, digital satellite and terrestrial reception because Samsung wanted to get the options upright directly for all three customer bases. This makes the single television screen, of course, more special than before.

Samsung UE55JU7590 OLED TV - a steep price verblast thanks quality and performance

In order to remind what the price. This varies greatly, that is clear. But basically the price is definitely worth to give the Samsung UE55JU7590 the chance to shine in your living room or bedroom. Because the price verblast here very quickly when the versatile services and qualitative advantages of the device are listed. This should be again reproduced in note form here so that prospective customers know immediately what they have let themselves in!

  • 3840 x 2160Pixel
  • 4 HDMI ports
  • 3 USB ports
  • Fi Capable

The Test Result Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590

Comfort and handling
Consumption in


Rarely it was as clear as now, but the Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590 belongs in every household it! He is not favorable in the price-performance ratio, but makes for some. Finally, already visible in the resolution that only high-quality technology was used to bring a unique visual experience. Meanwhile, pierce the many connections and the WiFi capability of the Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590 eye. For optimal image transmission of TV from Samsung is a true asset, because here remains open barely a wish. The Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590 stands out in its resolution and optics. Finally, a chic Curved TV an eye-catcher at home and all the functions, performance and appearance combines Samsung with the Samsung OLED TV UE55JU7590 and can thereby look at a great device. Except for the price, you will find no reason to complain!

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