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Review: SC SPORTS dumbbell

What you should know about SC SPORTS dumbbell

The 20 kg dumbbell set by the manufacturer SC Sports is a high quality set for beginners, novices and professional strength training. Strengthening the muscles of the upper body is at the forefront of using this set. Since the dumbbells are guided closely to the body, such a set has to be very safe and a lot of good details make here at this product for sufficient reliability and its current security described. The cast iron weight plates of the set consist of an unbreakable piece and there are no tolerances regarding the levels of hole. Thus, the disc is mounted in each case closely and firmly on the respective barbell. With the necessary screwing it provides additional strength to the wheels can not move in movements. These are the basic conditions for a safe workout, as well as the selected dimensions are a detail for good comfort. Zulang or too short is also poor and here you have chosen exactly the right dimensions in a compact form. It is the appropriate training movement also compact and supple. Excessive dumbbells obstruct and as I said, these dumbbells are guided closely to the body. These features reduce the risk of anyinjury.

What are the strengths of this set

This set falls by its good appearance on already. The discs made of cast iron are very good at casting, there are no burrs and edges which can lead to injury. The rounded edges of the discs also ensure that storage areas remain protected and can safely change targets worry. The thumb screws are chrome-plated and therefore protected against corrosion. So it is with the respective barbell. All together the optically excellent image and very professional.

Small compact and carry anywhere

Everyone wonders whenbuying a Kurhantelset whether these dumbbells can also take his gym? This is true of this set, for a total of 20 kilos, although the weight quite a lot, but the compact makes it possible. Who makes strength training, for little will be 20 kg and so you can decide to train at home or out in the gym with this visually appealing set.

Safety is the rank pretty top

Addiction is a safe and reliable dumbbell, then you are in good hands at SC Sports Set. Importantly the discs have just really sit safely on the barbell and dumbbell bar must each endure the ongoing pressure in training. Both properties required here are very well satisfied with this set. This reliability is achieved through the quality of materials and the corresponding accurate processing. Taking into consideration once the threads of the star screws and the weight bars under the microscope, so looks a really precise cut tapered thread that the respective star screw mounted self-locking. One needs when assembling the respective only safe to apply, and then tighten the nut by hand. About the motion of the bar, the screw pulls then fixed properly. About the rating can then take place during the conversion of the exchange also easily and are again more security.

What you get for your money at SC Sports dumbbell

All together an overview
  • Cast Set Kurhanteln
  • 20 kg total weight
  • 8 weight plates of solid iron
  • 2 Kurzthantelstangen chromed steel
  • 4 star screws chromed
  • 4 weight plates in a set 2.5 kg
  • 4 weight plates in a 1.25 kg Set
  • Barbell 3 cm diameter with serrated grip
  • Length of each horizontal rod 35 cm
How then is the use together. You can even just start alone with the heavy weight bars as a freshman his training. It isimportant not to overwhelm. If you notice that the workouts make no difficulties and no soreness arises, one should constantly increase the performance claims and then equip with 10 kg per arm. This is very easy, because then definitely barbell each 4 metal discs that can tighten securely with the screws. This makes sense, because in movements one might hear small metal clanking and focus only on the movements. That is fine with this set.

Price and Performance

Back, shoulders, biceps or triceps do you train with this set and at a really goodprice-performance ratio. For his money, you get a lot and in detail shows high quality. This creates security and especially this set has sustainability.Here rust nothing and cleaned can easily, Installation is also simple and easy to understand. Each is well equipped with this set and supplied, in his individual training of the muscles.


conclusion guyThe Dumbbell Set SC Sport is suitable for professional use and use for beginners and newcomers. Even in the gym or even at home, anyone can use this set and it is simply safe. The set has weight plates of fine-pore solid cast iron and these disks are almost indestructible and supply exactly the requested weights. They simply attach and remove, and so you get a lot of opportunities. The training designed so very pleasant and one can simply increase its power. Classic design with rounded edges and handle scars completes the positive overall picture and you get a lot of performance at a good price. Here you really get the equipment that you are looking, compact dimensions allow to perform these dumbbells close to the body. A secure fit of the discs on the barbell is achieved through the good and safe conical screw. The look is professional and everyone here says it is a very high quality set. Every detail is accurately matched and this precision we learn the safe training with the set. The discs are tight to each other, so there is no noise and the discs do not slip. A low risk ofinjury is based on this safe and reliable set. The discs are durable enough so that they can withstand a fall from table height. This kit provides enough variations in the assembly so that you make as many exercises and so we can say a mature product with better properties. The SC Sports dumbbell is easy to clean and is long to look like the first day, because the materials are provided very robust and with a Compelling that does not allow corrosion.

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